Diamond Jewellery

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Diamond, the most beautiful companion of a girl, is forever. Although this is cliché but absolutely true. Diamond is regarded as the most precious gem due to its beauty and rare occurrence. Diamond is used in many different ways but the most importantly it is best for jewellery making. The purest form of carbon, Diamond is found in different colors like pink, blue, grey, yellow and the colorless. It is the colorless form of diamond which is used most in the jewellery making. Diamond Jewellery is very popular among the women all over the world.

One of the costliest, diamond jewellery can be the best gift for any woman you love. This is the perfect gift for any occasion and it can be worn at any occasion. Diamonds symbolize love, passion and commitment. By gifting a diamond to your beloved you show that your love is as strong as the diamond and as pure as its clarity. A wedding is incomplete without exchanging of diamond rings between the bride and groom.

As an investment option too, diamond jewellery is great choice. Diamond is valued on four criteria; color, cut clarity and carat. The cut means the manner in which a raw diamond is designed and polished. A diamond has many surfaces or facets which are cut and polished in very precise and skilled way. A raw diamond has to pass through the hands of skilled craftsmen before it becomes the part of a beautiful jewellery. Clarity of a diamond means the degree of transparency. The more clear and pure a diamond and more is its cost. Sometimes diamonds found in raw form have obscured clarity due to presence of impurities such as diffuse particles. There are synthetic, artificially produced diamonds also which are completely flawless. The purest form of carbon, Diamond is found in different colors like pink, blue, grey, yellow and the colorless. Carat of diamond means its weight of diamond.

Diamond jewellery is made from two things; one is the diamond itself and other is the precious metal in which it is studded. When you look for diamond jewellery, you need to consider both of these things. This metal in which diamond is set can be anything including yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum or even titanium. You will have to consider your budget also before choosing the diamond jewellery. Each of these metals has different costs.
If you plan to buy diamond jewellery, you will find this information really useful.

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