Diabetes Diet Plan Gestational Diabetes Diet Learn To Spot The Signs And Symptoms

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Gestational diabetes is one such typical condition that affects more than 4% of pregnant women in America. The cause of gestational diabetes is still not known. The condition develops during pregnancy and subsides on its own after delivery. Experts suggest that stress related to pregnancy could be one of the probable causes of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Nonetheless, irrespective of the cause of the condition, women during their pregnancy are recommended a gestational diabetes diet for maintaining their health and delivering a healthy baby as well.

If a woman has had diabetes in the past or was diabetic prior to her pregnancy, she needs to be given a gestational diabetes diet. The condition is such that it increases the risk associated with fetal deaths and the death rate is quite high in mothers having the condition. Hyperglycemia or increased levels of blood sugar in the expecting mother is the main cause of all the associated problems with the condition. In some cases, death of mothers with gestational diabetes has also been reported.

When the blood glucose levels increase dramatically in mothers, the fetus also begins producing increased amounts of insulin to cope with the excessive glucose levels and this creates a problem. Increased levels of insulin in the baby (fetus) causes macrosomia, a typical condition in which a person develops an abnormally large head. It can also cause problems with the respiratory functions, jaundice, hypokalemia, hypocalcaemia and hypoglycemia.

For women with diabetes and particularly gestational diabetes during pregnancy, experts recommend a well planned gestational diabetes diet to ensure good health of the mother and the baby as well. It is crucially important to successfully control the levels of blood sugar during pregnancy and after delivery with certain dietary modifications.

A diet for gestational diabetes is prepared according to the individualized needs of an expecting mother. Factors such as body weight, age and height play important roles in determining the right foods. By taking these factors into consideration it is possible to make a healthy diet plan for diabetes that would provide the body with the

required amounts of nutrients and also control the blood sugar levels. Additionally, the expecting mother should monitor her blood glucose levels from time to time, at least 5 times a day to ensure that they are under control.

Frequent blood sugar monitoring is also as important as a gestational diabetes diet.
The chosen diabetic diet plan must meet the requirements of the pregnant mother, considering the fact that she needs more calories than she had been consuming. For the initial period, which is the 1st trimester, a pregnant woman can gain up to 4lbs which isn't very healthy during the 1st trimester.

For the rest of the months, if she gains at a pace of 1 pound a month, it is fine. Based on the months of pregnancy a healthy diet for diabetes needs to be planned for the mother. The diet should comprise of all the essentials that a pregnant woman needs while considering the complication she has, which means less sugar, less carbs, adequate proteins and less fats. Also, she needs plenty of folic acid in the forms of tablets and foods.

It is very crucial to have a healthy gestational diabetes diet plan for the mother and the baby. Seek expert help without any delay if you are not sure about the kind of diet that fits your particular situation.

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