Development of a SIP is less expensive than that of a SOC solution

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One of the most important benefits of using System-in-Package technologies is that the whole design process is reduced in its complexity. System-in-Package is a die stack mounted design. This reduces the design risk, which means there is an ease of re-design. This allows for a much shorter time to market when new products are made.

The board mounted height is reduced which furthers the development of wafer thin designs. Trends are always leaning to miniaturization so this is also a very important benefit of System-in-Package. The less complex design means that there is also the integration of large memories. This means that less power is used and further aids in miniature designs. The overall system board space is greatly reduced when using System in Package.

Not only are the trends leaning towards miniaturization, they are also demanding lower costs. Thankfully System in Package is also suited to this. Even though the technology is more advanced than ever, it is more efficient which lowers costs all around. Design is simpler, materials are fewer and the time to market faster. The means that the development cycle of products is less and the costs of releasing new models is therefore lower.

This technology allows multiple die with complimentary device systems to be combined together in a single package. Passive devices can also be integrated into the package to provide high end functionality integrated for radio and digital applications. The thickness of these packages is usually well below 2mm. This is why these technologies are leading the way in mobile and portable electronics equipment.

The key points to look for with System in Package technology are more function with less space and optimized cost and reduced design cycles. Insight SiP is one company that focuses on these key points in order to deliver the best solutions to clients.

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