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The online web media are spreading very fast in the world. The online media is going to be converted into superlative power in the world. Naturally media is used for the communication. The connectivity with in the world is the main power of the online media. It is fully based on new technology, its growing up day by day & its providing his services through the World Wide Web. In the world so many Newspaper website & magazine website are available whose working as online media. And they know how to use his power and independently because the online media are the famous for this and all the viewers have believed on the online media for the truth statement.

The purpose of online media is to publish something or to advertisement someone product. Here online media representing itself as a host it does allow innovative ideas and concepts to be shared with others. However, as the years have progressed, the sophistication of advertising methods and techniques has advanced, enticing and shaping and even creating consumerism and needs where there has been not before, or turning luxuries into necessities. This section introduces some of the issues and concerns this raises.

But the online newspaper publishing & the online magazine publishing is not an easy work for the publishing lots of work have to do like how to content publish, magazine layout & the newspaper layout, & so many things are required to publish the online media. The online newspaper publishing & online magazine publishing are too difficult so that for the help of publishing so many helps are available in the market like online magazine CMS, and CMS stands for content management system. The Online Magazine CMS are very important area for the online magazine publishing because if you are publishing something so you should have knowledge about the content placement like whose content lie on the first page or second or last page and so on. Publishing layout is also the very important to publish your website because the magazine layout and the newspaper layout both are very different. Online magazine publishing always in form of book and all the contents are mention on the magazine as a topic wise like a chapter likefirst page should be consider as a index and the most common and the highest ranking topics are mention on the starting pages. The newspaper publishing are also have require the Online newspaper CMS, for the content management system & also require some designer for designing the page, layout of the newspaper and so on. So in the market so many software’s are available for the online magazine publishing and online newspaper publishing. That software’s are developed based on some algorithms and comes with some more features like the page layout, designing and also consider with some CMS tips. You can purchase these kinds of software form the open online & offline markets.

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