Details About Rare Earth Magnets Suppliers

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Though most people may not be aware of it, but rare earth magnets have been benefitting us since their discovery. They are used in almost every gadget that you may have.

Rare earth magnets were discovered and developed during the 70s and 80s. And after that, they ended up as strong magnets that were ever discerned. Furthermore, rare earth permanent magnets are also relatively cheaper than other magnets.

Although dubbed as rare earth magnet, this doesn’t mean that these magnets are actually rare. The truth is, they are made out of properties of rare earth metals which are also abundant.

The name “rare earth” is because of the minerals found in these metals. Before they were developed, these minerals were not available for people to use.

There are two different types of rare earth magnets for sale in magnet stores. There are Samarium -cobalt and Neodymium magnets. Between these two, Neodymium rare earth magnets are considered to be the strongest as well as cheapest type.

There are wide uses for these magnets. In fact, their uses are vast and diverse. They can be used industrially and individually depending on the size.

The wide uses of permanent magnets vary greatly because of their prices. Before their development, industries only used ferrite magnets and Alnico. These two are quite costly although not as powerful as rare earth. Because of that, products that require magnet were sold expensively.

Then, there were items that were only offered to industries because of their cost. There were also those that were only sold to people with good financial status. Furthermore, there were also tricks and other activities that were hard or impossible to do.

So, how are these magnets used? Though this may come as a surprise to you, you must be an owner of so many things that are made of these earth magnets. Here are some of them.

Computers. These machines would not function without hard drives. And, this specific part of computers requires magnet. Suffice to say, it is built with a rare earth magnet.

Speakers and headphones. Yes! The thing you plug in your ears to listen your music everywhere is assembled with small yet powerful magnets.

Dynamos for bicycles. Whether you are a health buff or just looking for some fun, you must know that the bike your riding on would not run without a rare earth magnet. Without magnetic field, you wouldn’t even be able to pedal.

Brakes. Whatever it is that you are driving- motorcycle or bike, its brake requires powerful magnet to create friction. The truth is, even fishing reels use earth magnets on their brakes.

Torches. These tools are pretty needed in assembling different things. Just imagine how you would connect parts of the car without them. To accumulate energy even when they are moving, manufacturers put magnets on self-powered torches.

Other uses of these magnets are found in Magnetic Levitation trains, stopping motion and LED Throwies. You can also use the power of these magnets in home as well personal accessories such as stamp- on- the wall bag hangers and jewelries.

Finally, rare earth magnets especially the Neodymium are used to relax muscles. Nowadays, bangles with magnets are sold and offer to cure health complains such rheumatism.

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