Detailed Information On What To Expect While Having A Colon Therapy Session

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Many individuals may think that a colonic is an invasive process that is distressing. But for those that have had a colonic in the past are pleasantly shocked how relaxed the process may be. It can be an effective health tool to be performed along with a raw food detox diet.

After completing a health history form and a consultation with the colon hydrotherapist, the patient is asked to change into a gown or even wrap in a towel and lay face up on top of a treatment table. A massage of the tummy area is carried out before the therapy session to loosen up any stagnant waste as well as help the patient to relax. Once the massage is finished which lasts just a couple of minutes, the patient turns on their left side where the colon therapist positions a disposable speculum inside the anus which is about the size of an adult's thumb.

The gravity fed pressure assists the water to circulate through the total 5-6 feet of the colon, and it creates a pressure that is like a vacuum which pulls and draws the waste out. Gravity fed colonics are recommended since it is the safest and most efficient way of cleansing. It works together with the natural flow of the body, and reduces the chance of any complications.

The best kind of system is the closed system which ensures that all the waste will flow through a closed drainage which also means that the client and the colon therapist do not smell the feces, therefore this is also cleaner and more pleasant.

The client generally feels a little discomfort in the abdomen during part of the therapy as waste and gas is being stirred up and drawn out. The colon therapist may apply light massage to the client's abdominal area to assist the process. Cramping is a standard part of the process and once you begin to break up dormant toxic waste, the bowels will do its job to get rid of it. Particularly when doing colonic sessions along with a raw food cleanse, far more waste will become present to be eliminated.

Additionally, several patients will say the only thing that is uncomfortable about the colonic session is just having the urge to push or get to the toilet. It is a "strange" sensation for lack of a better word, however it is one that you do get accustomed to. Keep in mind that you are eliminating waste while laying on a treatment table, rather than the conventional toilet, so it's expected to be a little strange initially.

Occasionally while doing a colonic one may experience 'hot flashes' or start to sweat, or even have goose bumps. This happens because the circulatory system is being stimulated and the blood is evacuating waste.

A normal session will use 15-20 gallons of water and may last anywhere from 35 minutes to a hour. Following the session, the therapist leaves the room, and the client may use the toilet to elimintae any remaining water and fecal matter.

A lot of clients will feel lighter, have more energy, feel cleaner as well as less bloated right after a colonic, and they could get right back to their regular routine. Many may get a headache or feel sleepy and this is because more toxins were stirred up. Years of build up doesn't get cleaned in just a single session so to receive a more complete cleansing of the colon it is recommended to do a minimum of 5-10 sessions and continue on with a raw detox diet.

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