Desirable Qualities of a Virtual Presenter

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To be effective in its application, a virtual presenter should be clear, realistic and most of all functional as an advertisement medium. For it to be considered effective it must fulfil a set of requirements, both technical and physical

First the presenter’s motion should be realistic and look natural to the viewer. The gestures should also be simple and easily understood. It is recommended they use universally understood gestures like pointing, warning and giving. This ensures that no matter the location, culture and background of the viewer, the message and intended meaning is clear.

The motion of the presenter should also match the speech. Proper synchronization of the speech with the action keeps the viewer engage and has more impact since it is very natural. His actions should also be set to react accordingly with the user’s input i.e. if the user selects a subsection of a website, then the Web Presenter should switch immediately without lag.

The actor or actress selection also matters. His look, style of talking, wardrobe choice and presentation is a major contributor to the success of your presentation. The age and look of the actor should also be appealing to the target audience.

Most websites use famous personalities and actors as their web presenters. The advantage of this is that the actor is more familiar to the viewers thus making more impact on sales. A celebrity can also convince the visitors to purchase the product more easily than a stranger since in the viewer’s mind, that famous face is also a consumer of the product he/she is explaining. It is a sort of product endorsement. Various celebrities used include news reporters, actors and musicians.

To save costs, some companies decide to use their own people as the actors instead of hiring external talent. This is common especially when the information to be conveyed is highly technical or specific to a particular industry, for instance; engineering and medical products. Using an in-house presenter ensures that the message will be communicated as it should be since the person is well conversant the product and associated lingo. A presenter not conversant with the topic would sound too rehearsed and fake. You can hire an outsider if the information is not detailed or you need an experienced actor as the web video presenter.

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