Design and affordability can be found in all Sony Bravia Units

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Sony is a Japanese brand which has made into the world's fifth greatest conglomerate. It's the manufacturer and seller of a number of electronic products. 'Bravia' is a Sony brand which markets the organization's LCD, high definition television sets in addition to projectors and the Play Station. Other electronic products sold under the Sony Bravia brand are home cinemas and home theatres as well. The word BRAVIA is an acronym of the word 'best resolution audio visual integrated architecture'.

Many of the television models marketed under Sony Bravia will be stated in detail below to provide you an idea of the televisions developed by Sony. The very 1st series of Sony Bravia Televisions we will discuss is the XBR LX900 Series. This is one of Sony's 3D lines which were designed for 2010. TV's in this series are edge lit LED televisions. Edge lit LED televisions refers to the LED's in the television being identified on the edges of the television set. The panels utilized in the televisions in this series feature the Sony Motion Flow 240Hz which assists in reducing motion lag along with the doubling of images in these 3D series. The addition of the Bravia Engine 3 processor enriches the details of the video while at the same time lowering the excess noise and improving the contrast for the picture to look more authentic. The Sony Bravia models belonging to this series are the Sony Bravia XBR-60LX900 and the Sony Bravia XBR-521LX900.

A variation to the XBR LX series is the Sony Bravia XBR HX909 series. The features found in these televisions are quite similar to the series mentioned above. The difference however is that the lighting in the televisions from this series includes local dimming backlighting which provides a greater control of the backlighting. This further helps to give contrast for the images when being viewed on the full screen.

Then there is the Sony Bravia EX710 Series of televisions. Televisions present in this series come equipped with the Bravia Sync Technology, Bravia Engine 3, Edge lighting (LED), and ports for inserting a Universal Serial Bus which can be used to transfer and play photographs, videos and songs from the USB onto the television. The televisions also come equipped with a technology which has the capability to adjust the brightness of the image depending on the lighting condition in the room in which it is being viewed. Many of the models belonging to this series of Sony Bravia televisions are the Sony Bravia KDL-55EX710, Sony Bravia KDL-40ex710 and the Sony Bravia KDL-46EX710.

A more traditional series of televisions come under the Sony Bravia EX400 Series. These televisions are readily available to buyers at a affordable price containing a 1080p LCD panel. A great number of the features which are found in the better series of Sony Bravia televisions are usually not found within this line due to keeping a reduced price hence making it economical to customers.

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