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Looking for more information about the Dermology bouquet of topical skin care cures? This article will provide readers with some important facts of the topical skin products manufactured under the Dermology logo.

Before proceeding to talk in detail about the most popular solutions sold by this producer, one much first quickly mention some primary facts common to all Dermology creams.

Introduced in towards the second half of 2002, this manufacturer came into existence with a one-of-a-king holistic approach for improving the quality, along with the condition, of the skin.

All these treatments are made from only 100% herbal ingredients.

According to the people behind these solutions, these herbal components allows them to assure people who apply these creams of having to go through no side effects whatsoever.

You should also know that all treatments marketed by this skin care company are non-greasy. The typical application time for most of these ointments is between 5-10 minutes for every session.

The very first cream marketed by this skin care brand was a depilatory cream for reducing the prominence of stretch marks.

Post this successful launch Dermology has gone on to introduce masses in hundreds of countries to a handful other solutions that work on many of the most commonly found yet frustrating skin care conditions.

If you want to know more about any one of the cures talked about below, you must go through a number of Dermology reviews.

Below is a brief account of the six Dermology treatments currently available solely through the official company online site:
Dermology Stretch Mark Cream
This concoction is a 100% natural treatment for people to use topically for removing their stretch marks. Looking at the many Dermology reviews available online and offline by prominent experts in treating this condition, this concoction is capable of working against many different types of stretch marks.

This ointment is also said to be effective on all types of skin, including on different tones, complexions, and textures.

This treatment is also recommended by dermatologists for the prevention of stretch marks in the future.
Dermology Cellulite Solution
The Dermology cellulite solution is sold to women who have to deal with the condition of cellulite, which are basically small pockets of fat trapped around the dermis layer of the skin.

Also known as the "orange peel" effect, reviews for this lotion have claimed that this solution will begin showing improvement between 2-3 months of applying it daily.

Dermology Acne Treatment
This cream is available exclusively for people in the United States. This topical ointment has been reported to be adequate treatment against acne and scars from acne.

Significant results have been found to present themselves somewhere between one month to a long 4-5 months depending on the seriousness of the pimples in question.
Dermology Hair Removal Cream
This skin care concoction for getting rid of unwanted, excess hair can be put to use on all areas of the skin, including on the shoulders, upper lips, underarms, eyebrows, etc.

Results are known to last approximately between 25 and 35 days. The method for application is pain-free with results many times better than waxing and shaving.

This cream is used by women and men for getting smoother skin and also for reducing the pace of the natural hair growth.

Dermology Anti-Aging Kit
This anti-aging treatment is produced for women who wish to reduce the prominence of their fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related blemishes.

This solution contains Vitamin A, E, and D3, along with aloe vera and grapefruit seed extracts for improving the health and condition of the fast aging skin.

Those who apply this kit are recommended application for at least two months to find favorable changes in the form of improvement in the texture of their skin.
Dermology Skin Brightener Cream
This ointment is targeted at individuals in over 200 countries who want to improve the quality and texture of their skin. It has also been recorded to improve the complexion of the skin.

If you find yourself interested in any of these Dermology treatments, make it a point to go through Dermology reviews to know more about the effectiveness and value of these depilatory skin ointments.

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