Dermatopin Wrinkle Cream for the Face and Eyes

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Many creams are especially made just for the eyes or just for the face. This is because the face has much thicker skin compared to the eyes so you will need stronger chemicals for this part of the face. The eyes are more sensitive so you will need to use much more sensitive ingredients for this part of the face.

One cream that claims to suit both the needs of eyes and the rest of the face is Dermatopin. It claims to be able to eliminate wrinkle on the forehead as well as on the cheeks and mouth, while also being able to get rid of puffy eyes and dark lines.

Some of the ingredients included in Dermatopin are Matrixyl 3000, eyeseryl, pepha tight, vitamin C and various other peptides. Eyeseryl and matrixyl 3000 are two of the proven ingredients when it comes to anti-aging. Matrixyl is effective for restoring the skin's elasticity while eyeseryl is definitely made for eliminating eye problems.

Pepha tight is an ingredient that works in complement with matrixyl. While matrixyl increases the skin elasticity, pepha tight is responsible for stretching the skin thus making wrinkles shallower and eventually eliminating them. This way, wrinkles may both be prevented and eliminated.

Vitamin C is another important ingredient found in a lot of wrinkle creams. Aside from being an important factor in skin repair as it aids in collagen production, it also works as an antioxidant which helps eliminate free radicals and slow down their aging effects on the body.

Dermatopin also has moisturizers included in its formulation which will help your cells retain their moisture. By doing this, skin will be more resistant to becoming damaged and the overall complexion of the skin will also be improved. The skin will also be softer and smoother to touch.

With all of these ingredients, using Dermatopin on the eyes may cause some skin irritations especially if your skin is very sensitive. Don't apply too much at once and see for yourself first if you will be able to tolerate the effects of the cream around the eyes. If not, it is still an effective wrinkle cream for the face.

Other than this, you should have no problems when using Dermatopin. A lot of people who have already tried this cream were very satisfied with the results that they got. Within just 2 weeks of use, you should start seeing results immediately so you don't have to wait a long time for your face to look a few years younger.

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