Dermalogica A Skin Care Product

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Dermalogica skin care was started in 1986, with the attitude of producing results-driven products that were simply not-available on the mainstream market. This is a skin care system developed by The International Dermal Institute. By looking at the design of the product packaging you may think it is a cheap product but this is absolutely wrong. They do not concentrate on designing showy bottles and showcasing trendy ingredients, they design products that consistently obtain good results.

Unlike some creams, Dermalogica takes a very practical approach to skin care. Dermalogica comes with its own philosophy on how to care for your skin. Their aim is to create a skin care system out of various Dermalogica products that will be individually tailored to your skin's needs.

Dermalogica provides various skin care products that are suitable for different requirements. Acne cream, Anti Aging cream, Body cream, Cleansers, Moisturizers, Sun Products, Toners, Eye care products, Hair Care products, Deodorants, Masques, are the various streams of Dermalogica skin care products.
The Dermalogica products range also includes what you need to achieve skin that is both smooth and radiant. Their daily microfoliant powder is developed using a rice-based enzyme and is very effective when you need to get rid of dead skin cells that stand in the way of your skin looking bright and feeling silky. Cleansing and moisturizing are two skincare regimens that must be attended to on a daily basis regardless of the skin type one has. The importance of cleansing the skin cannot not be emphasized enough, this basic procedure is what helps to rid the skin of any impurities that may impede its overall healthiness. For this purpose, Dermalogica offers a soap-free special cleansing gel which enables you to clean thoroughly without disrupting the skin's natural balance. The immediate results are brighter, softer skin that you will certainly love.

The entire Dermalogica line is made up of cleansers, moisturizers, conditioners, masques and specially formulated cosmetics. In terms of active ingredients, these can vary from product to product, depending on what the product is designed to do. The Dermalogica approach focuses more on what ingredients are excluded from all of their formulas. No Dermalogica cleansing product contains soap or artificial colors. Typically, the skin cleansing products balance a targeted main ingredient with natural aromatic oils and herbal extracts. All of the ingredients in any Dermalogica product are natural, meaning that they substitute vegetable oils for mineral oils and silk proteins or aromatic essential oils in place of the moisturizing ingredient Lanolin.

If you are willing to spend time on a full skin treatment regimen, Dermalogica may be the skin care solution for you.

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