Dermal filler is actually made up of hyaluronic acid gel particles

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Dermal fillers like Perlane, Botox, Restylane and others may be the answer you've been seeking if you struggle with pesky lines and wrinkles on your face. If time has taken an obvious toll on your once youthful features, these may be the right choice for you.

Designed to combat wrinkles and improve the appearance of the chin, cheeks, lips and other areas, these injections can give you the fresh and attractive look you've been searching for.

Dermal filler is actually made up of hyaluronic acid gel particles (a naturally occurring substance in the human body) that fill and plump deep wrinkle lines, sunken cheeks and other problem spots. They may also be used to augment facial features, giving you fuller lips, cheeks and more.

Hyaluronic acid works in the human body to provide fullness and elasticity, but is lost with age. These injections work to take over where Mother Nature left off, and re-introduce the substance into your system so you can continue to look as young as possible. Once injected into your face, the acid molecules bind to water which makes them appear even fuller. These positive effects can last up to six months.

Candidates for the injectables include anyone suffering from wrinkles on the face, but especially those with nasolabial folds that run deep. The nasolabial area, more commonly referred to as 'smile lines', are a common problem spot and easily fixed with a dermal filler injection.

A clean bill of health and clear skin are also necessary for the procedure, so that there are no unnecessary risks like infection, sores or scarring that pop up. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to think twice before having an injection. Some people with sensitive skin have negative experiences after using them and should exercise extreme caution with their skin.

Most patients who have these injected into their face report an overall satisfaction with the subtle yet worthwhile results of the procedure. Few experience complications. Many who undergo the injections report feeling like themselves, only better.

This is the exact goal of the procedure and should be the goal of any cosmetic procedure. Injectables were designed to enhance the already lovely you, and should not result in any shocking or unrecognizable results.

If you're considering combating wrinkles with dermal fillers, it's important to find a doctor you trust and can talk to about your options. Schedule a consultation and really get informed before you make your decision.
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