Dermabrasion Before And After The Procedure

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Dermabrasion before and after pictures on previous patients' testimonials are often shown prior to the dermabrasion procedure for better illustration on the expected treatment results.

Along with dermabrasion before and after pictures, you may also get to understand how dermabrasion works as well as the type of skin imperfections which it can treat. Basically, dermabrasion effective in diminishing the appearance of facial lines above the lips, skin or acne scarring and tattoo scars.

As with other skin cosmetic procedures, during the initial consultation, the dermatologist will determine if you are a good candidate of dermabrasion. Collecting information of your medical history as well as comprehensive examination of your skin are one of the few things which the dermatologist will work on to assess your suitability. Upon determined that dermabrasion can eliminate those skin imperfection of yours, you are prescribed a 6-week pre-operative skincare plan before the actual treatment.

After dermabrasion treatment, burning sensation and some skin discomfort due to the abrasion will be experienced and dressing is usually applied to the treated area. However, you will be prescribed with pain medicine to soothe the discomfort as well as post-operative skincare directions before you go home.

You are strongly advise to adopt the given post-operative directions in order to avoid undesirable dermabrasion side effects or skin infection. Once the new skin is revealed, it is very soft and delicate. Therefore, it must be guarded from direct sun exposure and any outdoor activities should be avoided for 3 to 6 months. Apart from this, routine cleaning as well as moisturizing the skin is essential until the skin healed totally.

Though different skin types and skin conditions would produce different results, you will definitely be amazed at the positive improvements to your skin when comparing with dermabrasion before and after photos.

For that first week following dermabrasion treatment, you will need to go for one or two follow-up appointments since the skin specialist will have to keep track of progress of your skin recovery. The actual recuperation time period will take a minimum of 14 days prior the new skin fades back to the original skin tone.

If you are interested, you can find out more from your dermatologist on what is dermabrasion and how the treatment can benefit you. Otherwise, you can browse online for dermabrasion before and after photos to see what expected results you can achieved for your skin complications.

If you are concern that the dermabrasion cost is beyond your budget, check what are the flexible payment options which the dermatologist can offered you.

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