Dental Implant, Installation, and Failure

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A dental implant is one of the most valuable technologies of dentistry. For years, dental experts have attempted to come up with a way to replace a lost tooth with a perfect denture that looks and functions similarly to naturally-grown teeth. Prosthetic dentures sometimes only restore the physical appearance of the teeth.

A dental implant is not the artificial tooth replacement itself. The implant is the artificial tooth root that gives the artificial tooth a foundation. Every tooth is dependent on its tooth root to stay firm. This root secures the strength of the teeth, by holding onto the underlying bone structure and hard gum muscles. Correspondingly, if an artificial tooth is equipped with a root of its own, the tooth can function like a natural tooth as well.

There are many dentists in advanced cities like Los Angeles, California who perform dental implant installation as an alternative for prosthetic or removable dentures. They recommend dental implants because of these devicesí many significant functions. One of the implantís most important uses is preventing the surrounding teeth from invading vacant areas in the gum line. Once implanted on the gum, the implant holds the teeth on both sides, preventing them from leaning into the empty space.

Typical dental implants are made of titanium, with a certain percentage of carbon and iron content. This tooth root material consists of a screw to which the artificial tooth is affixed. After being inserted in the gum by a dentist in Los Angeles, it is allowed to cure for about 2 to 6 months, so that the desired stability with the bone structure is achieved.

Most dental implants today are called root-form endosseous implants, which resemble an actual tooth root. This innovative design does not only aim to perfect the look of the teeth, but also, most importantly, to allow the gum tissues and the underlying bone structure to combine suitably. Any dentist in Los Angeles ensures the safety of the patient throughout the implant placement procedure.

A dentist in Los Angeles conducting a surgical procedure for dental implant installation must be very cautious as even minor mistakes can have serious consequences. Failure in the operation is characterized by inflammation of the bone structure or of the mucosa because of an infection called peri-implantitis. This can result in total loss of the implant or of the underlying bone.

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