Democracy or Demographic Dictatorship

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What really is Democracy
What Is Democracy in New Zealand whilst each person has a vote with regard to a law in a nation and it becomes law or is it when each person has a vote with regard to a law and the government, which the public voted in to be their appointees in the Democracy procedure, merely does Naught and imagines that the question will fade away.
What subsequently is a dictatorship and what is the difference between a Democracy in New Zealand and a New Zealand dictatorship.
A Democracy in NZ must be where the individuals may retain a Voice in what Takes place in a nation and Definitely the laws of that nation, but in NZ the individuals determine to give rise to a voice by running a public paid referendum and subsequently the government does nothing.
You can do something as regards to this problem and voice it with your feet in The March for Democracy on 21st November
Observably a dictatorship is customarily clearly a single person but in the situation of NZ it is a government dictatorship.

We possibly will call it a Democratic Dictatorship, more accurately than a Democracy.
This importantly came to light at the time the National government, who the persons of New Zealand rallied collectively in assistance and voted in barely a year previously, Unwaveringly to Disregard the procedure of Democracy in New Zealand by Performing an act of doing nothing when Submitted with a referendum seeking in support of alterations in the anti smacking bill.
Should you essentially be a criminal merely for smacking your youngster. Can't we wake up and catch sight of the truth that the difficulties in our youth these days are essentially inspired by the detail that we have not Applied the Foundational chastisement of smacking a youngster at the time they are children to educate them to comply with the laws of the country once they Become adults.
Join The March for democracy on 21st November 2009 and arise to a government who think they can get away without Considering the cry of the nation and Democracy in New Zealand.

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