Delight in Sledding With Autistic Children

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Most autistic children enjoy the snow, just as other children do without a disorder. What better way to enjoy the snow, that to go sledding. There is snow in many parts of the world. Some parts of the world, there are four seasons. One of the seasons is winter, which is a season of snow and cold but it can be enjoyable by participating in sledding.

Many families often take vacations to winter resorts with their family to ski or go sledding. A family member may have the disorder of autism, which could become a challenge for the rest of the family while vacationing to participate in family snow fun.

Sledding will bring joy and entertainment for the whole family, even for the child who has autism. It is one of the least inexpensive ways to take advantage of the hills and snow and still get fresh air and exercise. If you do not have a sled, you need to purchase one. They are moderately priced, and easy to transport. There are many different styles, shapes and colors. Choose one that is comparable for your child with autism and age. Take your child with you so he or she can see the choices that are available.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a sled, is, if your child is small or large, purchase a sled, where there is enough room to sit on the sled, for both you and the child to be together, while sliding. This is for security purposes, until the child feels comfortable enough to go alone. You can always, purchase a smaller one for solo rides, and perhaps keep both of the sleds, one for your child to solo and the other for both parents to slide down together and follow your child.

Bring your child to a small hill or bank and allow them to sit on the sled and go down the small hill first, so they can get familiar of the speed and snow. It is an excellent plan to have a protective helmet, warm clothes, gloves, or mittens, good boots with traction to walk back up the hill and start all over again to slide down the hill. A durable light weight snow suit that is insulated, is recommended for warmth and it cushions the body if one falls off the sled into the snow.

If your child with autism has a slight fear of sliding down the hill, go with the child and have them sit on your lap as you both go together. After a few times of doing this, encourage the child to try sliding alone down the small hill, but you will be there to watch he or she and will not leave them, incase they tip the sled. You will be there for them and you are clearly keeping your eyes on them.

Sledding with autistic children, will give them fresh air, exercise, balance, focus, confidence, and it will help them to interact with family members, play, laugh and create communication skills. Do not force your child to take part in this outdoor activity if he or she is overwhelmed with it. Have patience, and allow them to watch you and other members of your family, and they will start to take part in the sledding as part of their fun also.

If you are concerned about sledding in the snow, with your child, but the individual wants to slide, some sporting good stores now carry a sled for all seasons. One can go for sled rides in winter, spring, summer or fall. The sled is called The Slicer All-Season Sled. It is an innovative sled that works on both snow and grass. This kind of a sled is great to practice with, on the grass with your child, before you take a winter vacation where there is snow or before the snow falls, if you live where winter is part of that season.

It is amazing how much fun sledding is and can be with your child with the disorder of autism and for the whole family. Try it and you will enjoy it.


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