Delicious Way to Make the Best Burgers

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Many people like burgers and everyone has their own special way of making them. However many people are still left wondering how to make the best burgers. The ingredients you need to make the a delicious burger are ordinary things you can buy in the grocery store so you just have to follow the simple steps on how to make the best burgers.


1.eighty percent lean beef that has been grounded
2.cheddar cheese
3.buns for burgers
4.salt and pepper


1.The first step on how to make the best burgers is combining the minced garlic and onions with the lean beef. Then put them inside a clean plastic bag. Place it in the ref for one hour. You may also put bacon to it for more flavors however this is entirely up to you. After one hour take out the plastic bag with the beef and form them to make patties.

2.The second step on how to make the best burgers is rubbing the spices on the beef patties. This is an important procedure that you must not forget because the herbs and spices will give the beef the delicious flavor. Put the salt, basil, garlic, pepper and cinnamon to the patties. Make sure that both sides have an even coating of the spices.

3.The third step on how to make the best burgers is preparing to cook the burgers. Heat up your grill first before putting the patties. This will ensure that the beef gets cooked evenly on all its sides. At this point you can also toast the buns on another skillet. You can also cook it in the toaster where you can monitor the cooking process. Then you can prepare your condiments like the mayonnaise and the ketchup. You can then chop the cheese while waiting for everything to cook. The cheese that comes in blocks is preferred by many cooks and chefs.

4.The fourth important step on how to make the best burgers is the finishing preparations for the burgers. You should add the cheese over each patty thirty seconds before taking it out the grill. Prepare the buns then slice two buns into halves. Put one cooked beef patty on the bum you intend to put at the bottom. Put one slice of tomato and lettuce. Then on bun spread mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup then put it on top of the bottom bun. This becomes the middle bun. Then you can add another bun with the patty and the vegetables and then top it off with another bun with the condiments on it as the top bun. This is a double decker burger but you can also just make the regular burger with two buns.

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