Delicious Way to Bake Chicken Breast

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Chicken breasts, especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts, are perhaps the most popular cut of meat sold in America today. they are quick, easy, low fat and universally popular. However, when not cooked correctly chicken breasts can be dry, hard and stringy. So to prepare succulent and tender chicken breasts that are not dry and stringy, but moist and flavourful, you should use the correct cooking methods.Although chicken breasts can be the primary item in a meal, it is also good to have cooked chicken breasts on hand for recipes like: Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Creamy Mexican Crock-pot Chicken, Santa Fe Chicken and sandwiches. Baking Chicken BreastsThere are two primary methods for cooking. They include Dry heat methods and moist heat techniques. Dry heat methods include baking, roasting, grilling, sautéing and deep frying, while moist heat methods include micro-waving, poaching, baking in parchment, steaming, and slow cooking. What Pan is Best for Baking Baked Chicken Recipes?Chicken breasts should be baked in a shallow pan, which should be large enough so the pieces do not overlap. This allows the chicken breasts to cook and brown evenly. In some recipes, the chicken breasts needs to be flipped once during the preparation duration.How Long Should Chicken Breasts be Baked?Chicken needs to be cooked to reach an internal temperature of 165ºF at its thickest point for at least fifteen seconds. What this means is that it requires between twenty and forty-five minutes to bake chicken breast. note that chicken continues cooking after it is taken from the heat. The internal temperature will go up about five or ten degrees in the first few minutes after it is taken from the heat. If the chicken breast has the bone in, it will take longer. Chicken is typically baked at approximately 350ºF. However, the precise time depends on how large the chicken is, the baking temperature and whether the breast is skinless and boneless or with skin and bone. Undercooked chicken will give you salmonella poisoning so always ensure it is cooked throughout.Seasonings for Baked Chicken BreastRub some salt and pepper on to the chicken breasts or you can use poultry seasonings which is a mixture of spices that compliment chicken. You could also flavour chicken breasts with lemon and garlic or honey and mustard. You can bake potatoes and vegetables with the chicken or have a look at your favourite chicken breast recipes for more suggestions.

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