Deep Pockets of Love - Love Discovered Deep Inside a Pocket - a New Grand-Child

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Where is love stored? How can you go one day from knowing everyone you love to the next day of adding another person to that list automatically without thought? These are questions I ask myself when I was presented a new grandchild.

I have 3 children, 2 boys and one girl.

Up until recently I had 2 grandsons who are now both teenagers. And, this is my family.

I absolutely love every one of them. They all have their good sides and their bad. But, since they all came from me, I of course accepts each flaws with a smile on my face.

Off and on during the years I can honestly say that I have loved one over the other. Not that I didn't love the others during this time, I just loved one a little more than my other kids.

And, I believe that it is just ridiculous to say that I love everyone the same. How can you measure this in the first place? We are taught to use this phrase but in reality how true is it?

We get settled in our love for our children. We simply love them. Just as we love our parents and brothers and sisters. And, we love our close cousins and aunts and uncles. And, the list goes on and on.

But, do we have room in our hearts to love more than those whom we already have these feelings for and where do these new feelings come from?

This may sound strange but I was convinced that I have divied out all of the love I had in me to give.

Or, so I thought.

Until a few months ago when I found out that I had a grand-daughter.

Now, I have always wanted a grand-daughter. As I mentioned there are more boys in my family than girls.

Now I have this wonderful grand-daughter that in my opinion loves me more than anyone has ever in my entire life. Or, maybe I am ust in the moment.

But when she looks at me, all I see is love bursting out of her.

Her voice rises whenever I appear and she run ups to me and say "Grandma!"

So, now I have this sweet little girl who I was surprised to find the love for her, deep inside of a pocket.

She was 3 years old when I met her. Initially I only hoped that I would love her the way that I loved my other children whom I have seen grow from infancy.

I thought that it would take time to develop the same feelings for this little girl who I am just meeting.

Just the opposite and such a welcomed surprise to me!

I love this little girl more than I could have ever imagined. I count the hours until I can see her again.

I look at her as a another daughter. Yet closer.

She keeps a smile on my face and now I look forward to more grand-children where I can dig deep into that pocket to get the love that I did not know was even stored there.

Pockets are not just for change

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