Deed Grabber Honest Review

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Deed grabber. Sounds interesting enough. But interesting enough to buy?


Um, you better give that some more thought, mate.
Before you buy, give this a read. You can use this system to make money. However, they're not telling you everything. That's okay. Read about the system and about the killer program that blows it away.
Biggest problem we see? Deed grabber doesn't actually work in every state. Deed trust states are the only places where the laws allow the loop hole. In deed trust states ownership is separated from debt. A deed holder is the owner as far as the law is concerned. Buy the deed, become the owner. But don't get too happy. The mortgage isn't against you, but it is still against the home. As the owner, you have the right of redemption at a foreclosure sale. That means that you can buy the property - as the deed holder - for the amount the mortgage company or county (in the case of of a tax sale foreclosure) is owed. If there is equity - value in excess of the debt - there are three main ways to capitalize on that equity. The obvious main choice here would be to pay it off and then just flip it - sell it for profit. Another way to capitalize on this would be to resell the deed, and the right of redemption, to a bidder on the sale. We don't believe this option is even considered with the deed grabber program. But it makes us a ton of money. You and the bidder win and you get money right now. There is work involved, of course. You have to know which mortgage is foreclosing, if its not a tax sale. And you have to know what's owed and what the property is worth at auction to know you'll get paid. Yes, there is a third, and much better, way to take advantage of equity from foreclosures. First, however, you have to get your head around what happens if a home sells for mroe than the debt the foreclosure is supposed to make up for. You probably think the mortgage company or tax department just gets to keep it, right? Nope.

Generally, the overage is given over to the court or the sheriff's department. The court or sheriff is then supposed to notifiy anyone who might qualify as the rightful owner of the overage.
The system is, however, really flawed. First up are mortgage holders or equity loan holders other than the mortgage that foreclosed on the property. These guys are usually the first ones in line for the money. The current second mortgage holder never receives the notification. Why? Most are no longer in business and the debt has been taken over by another company. They don't know what's going on.


Judgment and lien holders are also given notice of the surplus funds. These guys don't try to lay claim to the funds because they've given up or don't believe they'll get it. Ex-owners can even have rightful ownership of this money. But the court sends a letter to the address that they consider to be last known. That's right - the court sends notice to the address the owner got foreclosed on in. Do you believe the ex-owner will get notice at that address? Think they left a forwarding address? Let's say they did. Think they're going to open a letter from the clerk of the court right after they got foreclosed on? It's called a 'circular file' .

After having the money for a couple of years - and keeping the interest earned on it - the county escheats the funds to the State treasurer. There is stays, earning more interest for the state, usually forever. Guess what - you can actually claim that money, using a secret system... This is the absolute best way to take advantage of equity from foreclosure auctions. An awesome program teaches you to ascertain the correct owner of the funds and how to deal for it. The rightful owners are easy to locate. Give us the owners' info and a copy of the foreclosure file. Our staff will cut a deal for you and give you a crazy high referral. We pay you as soon as we cut the deal. You get a great cut and don't wait for the court proceeding to get paid. Its not hard to send in enough deals so that we'll close on a couple a week. With an average deal of twenty grand, and you getting ten %, that's real money!
That's why we can not recommend deed grabber. This is way better.
Are you ready to get the real deal?
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deed grabber

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