Decorating homes with photographs is a very common feature found all over the world.

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Decorating homes with photographs is a very common feature found all over the world. Photographs are the best way to keep memories alive. It allows a person to relive the moments when ever one views the photographs. To keep the memories fresh it is good to view them regularly. The best way is to get them printed on to a medium and place it right before the eyes. They can be printed on many kinds of surfaces and acrylic is one of the new printing mediums. It is a clear sheet like glass and is shatter proof and is not at all heavy. Acrylic Prints give a very mystical look. Only the printed ones are colored and the rest are left plane as one can see right through it. Photographs are printed directly on a 5mm sheet which gives an exceptional translucent look. They have to be printed reverse so that when the sheet is turned the right side is visible. Prior to the printing on acrylic sheet photograph was printed on a photographic paper and sealed on to an acrylic sheet which had the fear of separation. Such fears have been eliminated after the introduction of direct printing. The printing of a photograph directly on to acrylic sheet saves it from damage caused due to humidity. It is very easy to maintain and clean. The ink used for acrylic prints is UV stable and promises a very long life.

Another very important printing medium is the canvas. The art canvas prints use the digital printing technology. Using canvas has been in use since decades. The advancement of printing technology has made it into an ever lasting method of preserving memories. A high quality pigment based ink is used to give a very rich look to the print. The colors are bright and look fresh for a longer period of time. Art canvas prints look like true paintings. The choice of the canvas has to be made carefully as a substandard canvas can turn the print old very quickly. The digital printing technology has made it possible to print practically anything on to the canvas. It is being used by many modern painters to reproduce their works and make it available to a large number of people. It helped to improve the financial condition of many painters.

Art on canvas is a novel form of reproduction of great art works. This has made it possible to buy some of the art works which were beyond the reach of a common man.

About us: Art on canvas can be treated as a method to preserve the art works for the future generations. The claimed life of these prints is about hundred years. The reproduced art works are safe for the next hundred years. The canvas chosen for the purpose has to be of the gallery quality. There is lot of argument regarding such reproductions as the traditionalists believe that the value of great art work gets diminished. There are people who believe that such reproductions are necessary to preserve them.

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