Decorating for an Event is Easier Under Water

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You have your first wedding anniversary around the corner and are wondering how to make the evening a special one. Well, you do not have to fret as the Water Activated Lights are here to your rescue. The best thing about these lights is that you do not require the use of electricity. Just place these beautiful diamond shaped lights in a transparent glass vase or dish filled with water and watch the mundane surroundings get transformed into an ideally romantic set up.

Each light has three Led bulbs which glow emitting light for more than forty hours when immersed in water. In the first twenty hours, the light shines brightly giving the room the perfect ambience for either a wedding or a birthday party and even banquets. Buy these Water Activated Diamond Lights right here and you will save a lot of electricity, if you used these lights when you throw a party or are entertaining guests at dinner.

The Water Activated Diamond Lights are especially made to be placed at the bottom of the glass vases with flowers, to give that special feel to a room or make the evening memorable for a loved one. These lights make a very good gift to give to friends on birthdays and other occasions.

They even make great center pieces for decoration and give off colorful lights. You could even try submerging it in your pool, if you are throwing a poolside party. It's a great way to have a party and harness water power rather than electricity, which is in such demand these days that we may run out of it, sooner or later.

It is the versatility of these light to light up in water that makes them unique from the rest of the light show pieces.

Find the Water Activated Light as part of your wedding event.

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