Deciphering a proper SEO Analysis

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A search engine optimization analysis is a tool that web developers can use to track how well their sites are showing up on the most popular search engines. There are several types of analysis software and services available that will give a good reading of your website'sreal optimization level. Ideally, a business website will be ranked near the top of search engine results, which will drive more traffic to the site.

The Data Being Analyzed

There are certain elements of your website that a search engine optimization analysis is most interested in. Search engines have specific standards that a site has to meet in order to prove that it is not a spam site and contains information that is truly relevant to the search term. The analysis will check your site for keyword density, meta tags, reciprocal links, and other relevant data that it looks for. When you use this type of optimization analysis, it is like asking the search engine to check your site and tell you what it thinks.

The Purpose of the Analysis

The analysis does not tell you if your site is attractive or fun, it tells you whether or not a search engine can find relevant information on your website. A good analysis will take you behind the scenes of your site and into the nuts and bolts of content organization. Once you understand how they view your site, you can begin to modify it so that it ranks better in the keyword searches. Once your analysis is complete, you will have the information you need to begin marketing your site more effectively.

Indications to be Most Aware of

There are parts of the analysis that are more important than other parts. If the analysis returns a result that includes broken links or improperly formatted code, you should fix those right away. If your site is relatively sound, the most important results for you to consider are the keyword hits. A good analysis tool will let you know if a keyword is repeated too often in your content, which can make a search engine disregard your site as spam. The analysis also lets you know if keywords are not mentioned often enough to be effective. The use of keywords can be the most inexpensive and effective way to improve your site's rankings.

How to Put the Analysis to Work for You

Once you have the report from the analysis software, you have a virtual laundry list of improvements and changes that can be made to improve your search rankings. The analysis will tell you exactly what your site's problems are, which gives you an idea of where to begin working to improve the site. Most analysis software doesn't actually tell you what you need to do to improve your rankings, but it tells you where you rank and provides some suggestions of why your ranking is what it is. Once the problem is identified, you can address it properly.

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