December 2012 21 - What Makes This Date That Essential?

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December 2012, 21 is a date that is related to your search when you've got heard of the end times. This date may be that popular that a movie was even released to present us the conclusion on what we could expect during those days. Many have seen the movie and felt that there was more to happen other than the sacrifices that the main characters have encountered as they seek for a temple. Disastrous happenings weren't shown in the movie, rather you'll only have the capacity to see highlight of what might occur. Well, who really wants to witness such destruction though?

We know that it is all about total destruction, life forms turning extinct, and many deaths if we are talking in regards to the end of days. However these predictions does not come from hearsay but instead this came from various sources. First it was first revealed by the Holy Bible, Nostradamus, and the Mayan Calendar. These three sources provided as much information regarding on what will happen on the end of days.

For the reason that Mayan have dedicated most of their time studying astronomy which naturally consists of the study of heavenly bodies which incorporates our planet Earth, it is said that their discovery is one reliable source.. Mayans are known focalandar advancements in the case of this region of Science. Creating a very accurate calendar is one of their greatest achievements and it is much more accurate that the calendar that we use today. The calendar was set for use for many years, however, as calculated, the calendar ends on the date December 21, 2012. And this is what caused questions form many people.

Up to this point there is still no conclusions or findings the end is coming. It is just a matter of waiting and searching for answers. Either if this is confirmed to happen soon, what is very important is that we are prepared on what may happen soon as predicted. On the other hand, if you feel that this not to be taken in seriously, think again. Yes, there could be a chance that a higher power may spare us from all of this and might just move it a few more years after. The question is are you prepared and are you aware what to do if you are already in the situation if ever it happens today or any day in the calendar. Take time to reflect on this.

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