Death Note Episodes Lead The Road to Crime

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It’s a show that impacts the mind of the viewers. ‘Death Note’, the name itself suggests that it has something to do with death. It’s something that people are afraid of even talking. But the manga series has managed to depict this in an animated form.

It is one of the most horrifying stories in the genre of horror. Fans watch Death Note as it has a unique storyline. The series revolves around a supernatural note book called the ‘Death Note’, which is dropped by Ryuk, who is considered the death God. The specialty of the notebook is, that one can kill anyone just by writing his or her name on the notebook.

The show was liked by the people, but as stated earlier, it made an impact on their minds, especially children. Death Note episodes were pointed out as one of the reasons for death, even after the show went off-air. On September 28, 2007, two notes were found around the unidentified body of a Caucasian man in Belgium. In the notes, it was written "I am Kira". Except these two notes nothing else was found.

No one had ever thought that the kind of death that was depicted in a show, would come out of the screen and will start haunting in real lives. If people watch Death Note online, they will find that the murder of the people in the show, is very much similar to what it was found near the Caucasian man.

That wasn’t the only case where the show directed the path of crime, but the affect of the show traveled to Richmond, Virginia in the US. One of the students at the Franklin Military Academy, was suspended just because he was making a copy ‘Death Note’ with a few names written in it.

A similar case happened in 2008, when a school administration confiscated ‘Death Note’ from a student, in which the names of several students were written. When fun takes the path of death then it no long remains fun. Considering this word, People's Republic of China banned the show. The citizens of China were not allowed to watch Death Note anymore. It was believed that the students were altering their school note books to look like Death Notes. In these note books, they wrote the names of their enemies and teachers.

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