Dealing With Teen Video Game Obsession

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Many parents are worried about the amount of time that their children are spending playing video games. It is simple to become engrossed in a video game and the competition to become one of the first amongst one's peers to finish the quest is a big inducement. The difficulty can come when people begin to abandon their regular healthy routines so that they can play games.

Going to school is like going to work but with long term consequences. If you lose your job, you can find another one (in theory), but if you miss your education you can never actually get to where you should have been. Staying up very late or not doing homework to create more time for playing games is a significant error of judgment.

Children can become, well, to be frank, most children are deceptive and by the time they get to be teenagers they are normally pretty good at it. They have acquired enough social skills and enough about their parents to be able to hoodwink them fairly easily.

This makes it more difficult for the parent who is trying to find out whether their teenager has a problem with gaming addiction or gaming obsession. We all like to think that our offspring would not lie to us, yet we all know that they do.

Many doctors consider it is best to double figures given by a patient: how many pints of beer do you drink a week? Ten. Read twenty. How much chocolate do you eat a week? Eight ounces. Read sixteen ounces. How many hours do you play video games a week? Thirty. Read sixty.

Do not forget that anything more than forty is a working week. They are throwing away a full-time wage to play games and all adults know how much the pattern of the day career governs the remainder of their day. If your youngster is putting this much time into playing video games, something else has to be suffering.

It is probably grades at the moment, but later it could become health or the acquisition of social skills, friends and contacts, all of which help someone to get a better job.

If you think that the child is spending too much time at the gaming console and you notice that grades or social life are falling off, then is the time to curb gaming hours or it could get worse, leading to temper tantrums, which could be mild to severe.

If you think that it is bad for children to watch too much aggression on TV because it can have an effect on their character, then bear in mind that most video games involve extreme violence, rapid responses and shooting to kill. This is quite an amount of hyperactivity for the brain when you compare it to listening to some Brahms or Bach or watching a Chekhov play.

If you believe that your child has got the balance of input into its head out of kilter, then it is better to react sooner rather than later.

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