Daybreakers Rumored To “Break In” To The Top Vampire Movies

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"Soon to be released, Daybreakers has the makings of a great vamp movie that could break into the Megalist of Best Vampire Movies Ever Made. It's even got a killer cast lineup of Vampires -Ethan Hawke, Sam Niel, Michael Dorman, VS. Humans - Isabel Lucas, Claudia Karvan, Willem Dafoe (a "cured" vampire).

So, here's the storyline…
A plague hits earth and transforms the all of the worlds population (well almost all) into vampires. These vampires have hunted down the surviving humans and are now farming them for their blood. Well, like all fuel sources - they are diminishing so there is a mad rush to find a blood alternative. Ethan Hawke plays a vampire doctor that has been working on a blood alternative, but the human survivors turn to Ethans Character - Edward. They reveal "the cure." Of course this turns into a battle between vampires and humans leaving us wondering about the future of the human race.

I'm excited to see this movie - not that I would miss any vampire movie no matter how lame it might seem, but I'm hoping this one comes close to the vampire greats like the Underworld series, Blade, and Interview With The Vampire.

This film is "Not Yet Rated"
Hits Theaters January 8, 2010 - what a way to start the new year :)

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think - does it have what it takes to become a great?"

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