Dayanand Public School In Patiala

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Punjab, the land of lush green field, and yellow mustard fields, it is blessed for being the land of abundance and prosperity and the agricultural hub of India. Though one side of Punjab, the land of five rivers, has fields and tractors, the other part of Punjab is fast developing into an I.T hub. Infact, during the reign of the Maharajas, Patiala had developed into an important cultural and academic center of northern India and was the first city in this part of the country to have a Degree College- the Mohindra College- established in the year 1870.

This city has the credit of setting up the first printing press in Punjab – the famous Printing Press of Munshi Naval Kishore and for manufacturing the first Punjabi Typewriter. Such has been the association that the land of agriculture has had with education. A number of schools that have sprung up in the region were named after prominent educationists and social reformers in India at that time. No wonder schools like Shri Aurobindo School and Dayanand Public school came up. The author of Satyartha Prakasha (The Light of Truth), Swami Dayanand was a philosphist and social reformer who in his quest for the truth, and as a social reformer who initiated the Arya Samaj movement and waged an eternal war against the socially prevalent evils like idol worship, untouchability, child marriage and Sati (burning of widows).

He tried to break all barriers of caste, creed, color and sex which separated man from man by proclaiming that God was the creator of all. Dayanand Public school believes in the freedom of education just as much as Swami Dayanand and strives to inculacate in its students the principles and values of Swami Dayanand. The students are brought up with the aim of "Doing good to the whole world by looking after its physical, spiritual and social welfare." Spearheaded by Mrs. Kusum Kaushal, this CBSE co-educational school strives at moulding the minds of the children by introducing a sound value system. Despite basically being an English medium school, Hindi and Punjabi are taught as second and third languages.

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