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Spa is a term originally used in relation with water treatments particularly because it originated from a place whose name means "moisture" in Latin. Spas are of different types like Day spa, Club spa, and Resort/hotel spa.

Day spas are now a favorite place by persons looking for personal care treatments. They are establishments offering diverse individual services administered by experts where clients can go to on a day-use basis. Day spas are comparable to beauty salons having the following services for rendering:

Facials. These are procedures on skin regimen and caring that involve exfoliation, steam, extraction, creams, lotions, masks, peeling and massage as well. There are some tools used in facial treatments like cleanser, antiseptic lotion, cotton and moisturizers.

Massage. To massage means to knead or to stroke the soft tissue of the body with varying pressure. Massaging can be done gently or strongly. A soft or gentle massage influences the nervous system through the skin's nerve endings, thus stimulating the body's natural chemical endorphin to be released and assists the body to be eased and stimulated. A strong or hard massage helps improve blood circulation and supply of oxygen and nutrients by alleviating tight muscles and rigid joints.

Waxing. One way of removing hair is through waxing. A cloth or paper strip is pressed on top of the skin previously smeared with a thin coat of wax. The fabric is then ripped off swiftly opposite the direction of hair growth. This process is a semi permanent hair removal as hair would still grow back after about two to eight weeks. Most body parts can be waxed like the arms, legs, eyebrow and even the genitals.

Body Treatments. They are alternatives to medical practices that are known to induce the health of the body such as body wraps, aromatherapy and salt scrub.

Skin Exfoliation. Skin experts advise the regular exfoliation of the skin to keep it glowing and alive. Exfoliation is the method of taking away the oldest dead skin cells on the surface of the skin by mechanical or chemical process.

Manicures and Pedicures. Nails found in the fingers and toes must always be clean and properly maintained, thus regular manicure and pedicure services are also offered at day spas.

Not only is a day spa part of the trading business, it is now recognized as a lifestyle. Number of reasons are known on why day spas are enjoyed by its patrons. Rejuvenation from stress and pressure is one reason as the body undergoes stimulating body and skin treatments . Another cause for a trip to the day spa is for a Massage that makes the body relax. With the help of massage, slight body pains and aches like neck and muscle pains are relieved as well.

Physical appearances through modernized services are developed in day spas. Beauty itself is stimulated when a person feels good about his body after going through treatments in a day spa. On top of the other reasons mentioned, day spa visits provide a means of escape from the apprehension of work and daily life.

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