Day Of Infamy

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December 7, 1941. Sixty eight years ago. Today we pause to reflect back on that fateful day. Many of the heroes of that fateful day are no longer with us. Forever etched in our minds they will always be. Many of you have a family member who was there on that horrible day. Maybe they were there or maybe they were back home listening on the radio. Worried about someone or about the state of America and the prospect of war.

to it again. As the words were going through my head, something eerie occured to me. words of President Roosevelt would apply just as well now as it did back then.

Someone attacked us, willfully, deliberately and without any provocation. Our military power took a huge hit. Why Japan didn't finish the job? Who knows? We were down on our knees. This hit had us stumbling backward. We were down but we weren't down for long.

We were going to fight back! We were going to protect our family, our friends, and defend our country.

The recruiting stations had lines of men ready to sign up. They were so eager to get in the war, boys were lying about their age. They were eager, ready, and they didn't give it a second thought.

We are at war today. September 11, 2001 we were attacked again. Viciously, deliberately, and without any provocation by nineteen Islamic terrorist's. They took the lives of 2976 innocent people. At the Pearl Harbor attacks, we lost 2403 men, women, and civilians.

There is a war going on today. This war is a little different because the enemy lives among us and we are the We are the eyes and the ears of our defense.

December 7, 1941, and I look around at the youth of today, I get very frightened. What have we learned? No one thinks that we are in any danger or there is a war going on right here on Just as the Japanese did back then, our enemy is doing to us today. Make them think everything is OK. push them a bill of goods so that they will relax.........and then.......when the moment is right....we move in. While they are sleeping and in no way thinking anything about it......that's when we get'em.

We need the spirit and attitude of those brave Americans that gave their lives for our safety and comfort way back some sixty eight years ago. With my deepest gratitude, I salute them all.

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