Date After Divorce: Tips And Advice

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It is said that marriages are made in Heaven. True, since every human being on this earth manages to find his/her better half among the crowd. Call it divine intervention or destiny, marriages on earth takes place in this way only. But is breaking up a marriage or a divorce as to put it legally, a matter of destiny or purely a human intervention in the affairs of God? A lot goes in making a marriage successful and very petty issues often take it to the courtroom. But none can be blamed as life has become full of complexities. Breaking up a marriage is not easy either as two individuals in a union for a long time tend to get emotional and dependable. To cut those ties of love and care, and making up new ones, is really a time testing affair. Dating after divorce as such should be dealt with care and patience.
A divorce is rigorous and leaves bad memories in the mind of an individual. As such, whenever that person approaches another one in a new relationship, there works insecurity in him/her. On one hand the person fears to get hurt and rejected yet once again. The mind keeps on finding similarities with his/her past experiences with the new one unconsciously and under such circumstances it becomes difficult for such a relation to thrive for a long time. Aware of the mental trauma that the person has undergone, it depends upon the person at the other end of the relationship to make it click. Patience and understanding are key ingredients that are required in such cases. However, with a need to reach out to another one who can be your soul mate, a conscious effort has to be made from your side too. Following certain tips and advice surely can prove beneficial.
Some Tips
• Look your best and be confident
• Make him/her feel that you are an optimist person and is ready to overcome the past. So don't sympathize.
• Since it is your first date, take a gift as a token of appreciation.
• Start off as good friends first. It is important to see how comfortable you are with him/her in sharing your thoughts.
Little Advices:
• Avoid talking about the past and what led to your breakup.
• Don't blame or use strong words against your ex partner. That may portray a negative side of you before him/her.
• Get to know each other well first rather than plunging into future thoughts. Leave some for rest.
• Judge your mistakes too and do not commit them again.
• Remember that your present date is an entirely different person. He/she has nothing in common with your ex partner. So, it is better to avoid any comparisons.
• Talk, listen to him/her and make him/her listen to you, understand you. Spend more time with each other to avoid misunderstandings later.
• Turn into a new leaf yourself, incorporate new hobbies, and socialize with your friends to get over the past and things related to it.


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