DataLink GW1000 DF1, Ethernet & Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradleys Datahighway Plus DH+ / DH-485

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DataLink Technologies GW1000 is a great low-cost alternative gateway converter option to Allen-Bradley's Datahighway Plus DH+ and DH-485 Network Communications cards including the 1784-U2DHP, 1784-PCMK, 1784-PKTX, 1784-KTX, 1770-KF2, and the 1770-KF3. Many of these DH+/DH-485 Communications converter cards are now obsolete as PC technology has advanced and AB now recommends the external cable solution of the 1784-U2DHP for most AB Datahighway Plus and DH-485 applications.

The DataLink Technologies GW1000 converter is a superior alternative with its most popular highlight including a flexible platform that allows users in the field change protocols between DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP, AB Ethernet or Ethernet/IP to message with any nodes on DH+ or DH-485.

Another popular feature of the GW1000 is its usefulness in industrial applications wanting to communicate between the newest Allen Bradley Ethernet PLCs to Legacy Allen-Bradley DataHighway Plus DH+ and DH-485 Networks. This allows factories to budget in an Ethernet transition option to a current DH+/DH-485 factory setting. In developing this converter solution, DataLink engineered it as a multiprotocol converter and included protocols such as DF1, Modbus, ASCII & ModTCP Ethernet to AB's DH+ and DH485.

Some of the most common applications between AB Ethernet & Ethernet/IP to Datahighway Plus DH+ & Datahighway 485 include:

• SCADA/MMI/Programming Software -RLSINX/LOGIX/VIEW, Wondware, Kepware, Citect, Intellution, et. all packages reading/writing data to and from any nodes.

• Allowing any AB Ethernet & Ethernet/IP PLC as Master - examples include: Controllogix, SLC 5/05, MicroLogix, SLC 5/05, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, PLC-5E to send either read or write message commands to any DataHighway Plus PLCs which include SLC 5/04s and PLC-5s.

DataLink GW1000 engineering was many years in the making and came from our customers requests based on limitations found in AB Interface cards. The most common request was for an AB Ethernet/IP gateway to Legacy AB Networks including Datahighway Plus and Datahighway 485 DH-485.

DataLink Technologies GW1000 one box gateway solution is offered at a low price of $1,250 USD. This networking gateway has similar feature acting like a mini Controllogix Ethernet to DH+ Gateway. Alternatively it can be changed to many serial protocols offering the functionality of DF1, ASCII, Modbus to AB's DataHighway Plus and AB's DH-485.

DataLink GW1000-ABEIP or GW1000-DHP1 are a very popular alternative to obsolete Allen-Bradley networking gateway so­­­­­­­lutions including 1784-U2DHP, 1770-KF2, 1770-KF3, 1784-KTX, 1784-PKTX,

DataLink GW1000 can interface many of Allen-Bradley's newest Ethernet/IP PLC equipment to legacy Datahighway Plus DH+ and DataHighway 485 Networks. Allen-Bradley Ethernet PLCs include SLC 5/05,Panelview Plus,PLC5 E, Controllogix 1756-DHRIO & 1756-ENET, Flexlogix, Micrologix and Compactlogix.

DataLink Technologies GW1000 DH+ / DH-485 engineering quality and reliability can be trusted with thousands of GW1000 in factory applications around the World. The GW1000 comes with a 30 day trial and 5 year warranty on all GW1000 products. This DataLink GW1000 protocol converter is a great solution for interfacing Legacy DH+/DH-485 to newer Ethernet technologies. Please contact DataLink at 360 306-5878 & to further discuss your application details.

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