Daniel Craig & his Stars

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Daniel Craig is not a new name to remember, he has become a world renowned figure in a short span of time. Daniel Craig is the new James BondPisces represents a little bit of all of them, enabling many members of the Fish clan to play a variety of roles. The inherent adaptability of Pisces allows them to blend in. Some Pisces can seem weak, but that's certainly not the case with Daniel. The new 007 has real steel in him that serves him as a student-athlete, giving him a powerful presence on-screen.

Mars and Saturn, though, are not graceful. It's Venus, the planet of love and beauty, that softens this goal-oriented pair. Daniel's is in Aquarius, an open-minded and friendly sign that can quickly put others at ease, without letting them get too close. His Venus forms a harmonious 60-degree angle to Mars and Saturn, tempering their hard-edged masculinity with social sensitivity and people skills. A good actor must know how to play well with others, which is not Aries' forte, but Daniel's Venus widens his perspective to include his colleagues, making for excellent ensemble work. This combination is also perfect for Bond, the great lover with a license to kill, ensuring that the film franchise is safe in Daniel's very competent hands.

This formidable force comes in the form of a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aries. This union of the muscular warrior planet and the master of discipline in his birth chart shows a strong will and sense of purpose. Aries is Mars' home sign, the place of pioneers and fighters, which makes Daniel a natural leader. His Moon, the body of mood and emotion, is also in Aries, adding more fiery fuel to his personality. The combination of Piscean pliability and Aries focus is riveting to audiences and perhaps even a bit intimidating to friends and acquaintances. Aries is a sign that lives in the moment -- Daniel once said, "I go through life thinking it's all going to end tomorrow." This "be here now" consciousness is what makes his acting come alive. The steadfast focus that Saturn brings means that he's very well prepared for his work, like a well-trained athlete whose highly developed skills permit spontaneity on the field of play without loss of control.

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