Dangers of Non-FDA Approved Laser Pointer

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Laser pointer are not only known as the useful tool used by professionals but it is also a gadget that is fun to have. In fact, it is one of the best-selling handheld gadgets at present. Because of this fad, many manufacturers and resellers have shown their interest in putting their investment on these cool gadgets. Since they have the Internet market to sell their products, some of these vendors no longer think about the safety of the laser products that they are selling and the one losing this game will be the consumers who are unaware.

The United States Food and Drug Administration back manufacturers and suppliers that have met the safety standards for laser pointers. Only few brands have the approval of FDA to sell its product on the market though there are other merchants who tried to sell their substandard green laser pointer products on the Internet.

There are certain dangers when you try to buy laser pointers that are below the given safety standards. First, you have to learn more about infrared by making a research on the Internet. But in short, you have to know that infrared rays can be harmful to the eyes and it may cause sight impairment or permanent blindness. For example, the green laser pointer has a wavelength of 532nm and can be bought in a 100mW power output. That device is powerful enough to burn some porous objects. If you have bought a product like this with substandard safety feature, the infrared will most probably escape and cause accidents to the user or to people around. Another thing that you need to know about laser pointer products that are not FDA-approved is that they have lower quality. Never wonder if you have bought a laser pen that is bright only in a few days then becomes weaker in the following days.

In contrast, there are so many laser brands that are FDA-approved and those are the ones which have high quality and excellent safety features.

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