Dance Central Xbox 360 Game

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Dance Central xbox 360, a dance video game exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360 is the first in its kind. The game is by Harmonix, the developers who created Rock Band, a game that is famous globally. Dance Central xbox 360 game is able to track full body dance moves without using any form of controller. It is suitable for everyone as beginners and experts has something to master in the choreography of each routine. In addition, it has an awesome soundtrack comprising of current pop, hip-hop and R&B music.

Dance Central Xbox 360 Game Performance:
You have 2 modes to choose from in the game Ė Break It Down or Perform It. In Break It Down, you are able to learn the dance moves step-by-step. Whereas in Perform It, you can start dancing and performing immediately. This game has over 600 moves for you to master. With these modes you can improve on your dance moves and then impress your family and friends by performing the whole routine!

From the game you can learn more than 90 dance routines that are choreographed by professionals. As it features songs from current popular artists, some of the moves are even from the songís music videos! It would be awesome to learn the dance moves of your favorite artist, including Lady Gaga, No Doubt, M.I.A., and more.

Dance Central Xbox 360 Game Uses:
Besides learning dance moves, Game Central can also track the amount of calories you burn while dancing. Hence, it is can be used as part of your workout routine. Besides that, as you progress in the game, you can earn Achievements and unlock new character outfits and venues. This enriches your gaming experience. Dance Central xbox 360 game is definitely a fun game for everyone!

* Easy to get started.
* Immersive dance video game that features and tracks full-body dance moves.
* Weight would be burns out.
* Authentic choreography for beginners and experts alike to master.
* This game ranges from anyone can do this easy.
* Variety of songs as well as dance moves never tends to bore.
* When you miss a move, it shows you which part of your body wasnít moving right by outlining it in red.
* The tracks are pretty good.
* The sound and visuals are pretty cool.
* Fantastic sound coming through 5.1 with the sub-woofer.
* Learning curve throughout the game is very smooth.

* Need a lot of space.
* Donít let your friends record you playing this game.
* Canít both dance the same song at the same time.
* Menu navigation is slightly touchy.


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