DAMAGES on Cable FX - A Powerful Story

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Being addicted is a horrible situation. It becomes a problem which leaves you craving more. That is what it is like with Damages and star Glenn Close's Emmy winning main character. Close is not the only one on Damages so honored. Many of the actors, creators, and writers on Damages have been recognized for their outstanding work.

Glenn Close plays Patty Hewes, the lawyer from Hewes and Associates. Once more, she excels at playing the part of a person whom we love to despise. Along comes Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) who is a bright-eyed young graduate, sought after by other firms, but wants to work with Patty Hewes. They have very different personalities, and neither likes being told what to do. As these characters evolve, you see some amazing performances.

The show has a dizzying array of flashbacks, forwards, and events happening now. It seems that every minute of the show could reveal a significant plot twist which keeps you glued to your seat. You must remain focused to keep up with the twisting storyline as it develops. A keen eye is also important. Closely observe the neck of Saffron's shirt at the same time Ray Fiske does in the first episode, for example. A character might appear briefly, then return, assuming you remember him or her. And don't be shocked when one of the characters you love is lost. From show to show you'll never know who will make it to next week. The initial season is thirteen episodes although it is unlikely that all characters will return for a second unless it is via a flashback.

I wonder if my addition to Damages will keep going. Can the writers keep coming up with such great material? Will there be further plot twists, enough for yet one or two more seasons with sufficient mystery? We can only hope! If you love Damages like I do, make sure you tune in every week so we can keep this tremendous show on the air and going strong for years to come.

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