Dahle Professional Scissors - A Review

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If you use scissors often, you probably want to get the best pair possible. You should choose a pair that's comfortable, durable, and sharp, as well as one you can afford. One option available to you is a pair of Dahle Professional Scissors. These are cutting tools that are made from high-quality materials and they are available in four different lengths. Like any pair of shears, they have some strengths and weaknesses which are outlined below. Read on to learn all about these cutters so you can determine if a pair is right for your needs.


  • Dahle professional scissors come in four lengths. Model number 50044 are four inches long, model 50046 is six inches long, model 50048 is eight inches long and model 50050 is ten inches long. Choose the length that best suits your particular project or needs.
  • As with many of other Dahle's products, these scissors blades are made from Solingen steel, a type of metal from Germany that's very durable. The super sharp blades have a hardness rating of 56 Rockwell so they're very sturdy, and they're rust-resistant too.
  • Since these cutters are so sharp, they are perfect for when you need a really precise cut. The 10-inch pair can help you cut larger pieces of paper in less time.
  • The blades are fastened with a screw that can be tightened if your scissors become too loose.
  • Unlike scissors that are angled, these shears are straight so they can be used with ease by both right- and left-handed people.
  • The handles are made from ABS plastic, a very tough material that can withstand a lot of use. These handles are so strong it is nearly impossible to break them, so that, combined with the Solingen steel blades, make these products extremely durable.
  • Each pair is back by 90-day warranty.


  • Since these are professional-grade cutters, they will cost more than a more basic set of shears. Expect to pay anywhere from $12.95 to $21.95 per pair depending on the length you choose.
  • These scissors are recommended for trimming paper, but they're not ideal for cutting other materials, such as fabric.
  • Although these are very good cutters, they are still not as good as Dahle Super Shears. Super Shears can cut just about anything and are available in seven different sizes. (There's also an additional pair, the All-Around Shear, that is great for heavy-duty cutting.) Plus, Super Shears have a better warranty: they're covered by Dahle for as long as you own them.
  • The handles on these scissors are not ergonomically friendly so you may experience some fatigue when using them. If you would like a pair of scissors that are more comfortable to use, Dahle Comfort-Grip Shears might be a good choice.

Dahle Professional Scissors would be a good choice if you need a sharp pair of shears to cut paper and you're at ease with the product's handle design and price. However, if you work with other types of materials or you want a pair that will be easy on your hands, you would be better off with a pair of Super or Comfort-Grip Shears, respectively. Whatever product you choose, it will be a good one since Dahle makes some really great cutting tools. Just be sure to be get the one that's right for you.

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