Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener Review

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The Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener is a feature-rich sharpener that is designed to provide a good choice for professional artists, drafters, and hobbyists alike. We put this unit through its paces recently, and made a list of what we think its strengths and weaknesses are.


  1. If you are in a drawing or drafting department, or you just like to draw in your spare time, it is almost certain that you find yourself scribbling away on a piece of scrap paper trying to get just the right point for your needs. With the Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener you won't have to do that anymore. This pencil sharpener has a special dial that you can use to set for exactly your specifications. If you need a duller, broader point, you can twist the knob to give you that result. If it is a finer point you need, just turn the dial tighter. The Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener is able to do this with its Automatic Cutting System that allows the blades to spin free when the lead has been sharpened to your specifications. This way, as much as you crank, you can be assured that you are not over-sharpening or wasting lead.
  2. You always know that Dahle products are going to feature the best constructed blades that are available anywhere and those on the Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener are no exception. The blades of the Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener are made from some of the best steel in the world, the fine milled steel of Solingen Germany. The rest of the sharpener seems to be rugged and ready as well, and unless you drop it off a building or something, we see no reason why it wouldn't most likely give you a lifetime of faithful service.
  3. In order to keep a pencil sharpener working its best, you have to keep the blades clean. Pencils have this waxy coatings that can start to collect between the blades, and the softer leads of a lot of the colored pencils that artists often use can cause a little trouble over time as well. That is why we really appreciated how positively simple to remove and clean the Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener's blades were. Emptying the shavings cup is as easy as sliding it out, and we liked that it is made of a clear hard plastic so you can tell when it is full.
  4. The Dahle Personal Pencil Sharpener has a nice wide opening that will allow you to sharpen just about any pencil out there, including the oversized pencils that artists often use. This is a very portable unit too, so you can put it in your bag when you are traveling or heading off somewhere to do some drawing. There is also a clamp you can use for permanent placement.
  1. We can't see many, as we consider this to be the top of the line as far as personal pencil sharpeners. If we have to nitpick, though, we could say that we think the sharpener works just a little bit better, and is a tad more balanced, when it is used while placed in the clamp.

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