Dahle 580 32 Inch Premium Large Format Guillotine Paper Cutter Review

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Intended for use on copy and print shops, school and professional art departments, and custom frame shops, the Dahle 580 is a large format paper trimmer meant for heavy duty use and high capacity projects. In the review that follows, we take a peek under the hood of the Dahle 580, and give you a list of what we see as its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. If you've been in the business long enough, you've found that there are always going to be certain projects that just can't be completed using a standard size paper trimmer. That is where this machine comes in. The 580 has many strengths but chief among them is its sheer size and capacity. This is a commercial grade, 30 sheet capacity trimmer that is designed for working in large format applications.

  2. The 580 has some really nice safety features. First off, there is the acrylic fan guard that keeps fingers and hands well away from the cutting blade at all times. Then, there is a locking system on the lever arm so you can make sure that the machine will not be used by anyone who is not authorized to do so.

  3. When cutting larger stacks of paper, it can often be difficult to avoid the dreaded fanning effect. The 580 has a nice, foot operated manual clamp that exerts even pressure across the entire surface of the stack so you can be sure that your top sheet has exactly the same dimensions as your bottom sheet.

  4. The blade of the 580 lives up to the Dahle name, and is made of solid German Solingen steel. Rather than getting dull over time, the blade on the 580 is designed to sharpen itself with every cut. It's hard to see why this blade wouldn't give you years and years of faithful and accurate trimming if used and cared for properly.

  5. A nice, big, comfortable workspace is key when you are dealing with larger format projects. To that end, the 580 comes with an extendable table to contain "cut off," and that also features a spindle controlled backstop (another boon to your accuracy). The table that the 580 permanently sits on is made of heavy duty, components and is extremely sturdy.

  6. As if that backstop, the paper clamp, and razor sharp blades weren't enough to ensure you an accurate cut, Dahle makes available an optional laser guiding system that places a clear red line across the cutting surface. This will help you ensure a straight cut every time.


  1. When cutting large stacks of paper, you may want to place a piece of mat board or something similar between the paper clamp and the actual pages of your document, as sometimes the pressure that is exerted can leave marks on the top sheet.

  2. This is a sizable machine and can take up a lot of room. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of space for it, and that you won't need to move it around a great deal.

  3. This machine is a great choice for lower volume cutting applications. However, high volume print production facilities may want to consider a large format stack cutter or an electric paper cutter with a wider format blade.

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