Dahle 20330 Small Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

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The Dahle 20330 is designed for multiple users in a small office setting, and offers a small business Level 5 security. We took a look at some of this machine's features and created a list of what we see as its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. The main strength of the 20330 is that it is a Level 5 security shredder. While this level of security might be a little bit more than the average business needs, there are many government agencies (and private businesses that are contracted to them) that demand it. The 20330 shreds paper into tiny particles of 1/32" by 7/16" in size, which means that you can rest assured that your secret and confidential information is being destroyed forever.

  2. Dahle makes some of the best cutting heads on the market, and those on the 20330 are no different. Milled from one solid bar of the best steel from Germany, these are perfectly matched cutting heads that are much more durable than the stacked-together cutting knives that a lot of other shredders utilize. The 20330 can easily handle paper clips and staples, meaning that you won't have to waste any of your time removing them before you do your shredding.

  3. With shredders that are meant to be used by a team of people in a small office setting, it can sometimes be hard to keep distractions to a minimum. The 20330 goes out of its way to ensure quiet operation by encasing the cutting heads and placing them on rubber shock mounts. This greatly brings down the noise factor by reducing vibration to the cabinet and the rest of the machine. The cabinet itself is constructed of solid wood, which also absorbs and dampens a lot of sound.

  4. Operation of the 20330 could not be easier with it single toggle switch. With it, you can choose automatic on/off (machine starts when you place documents in the opening), continuous run (for larger jobs), and reverse (in case of a paper jam). The 20330 will also shut itself off when the shred bag is full, and/ or when the cabinet door is open. Both are great safety features.

  5. The 20330 has a thermally protected motor, meaning that if you attempt to overuse it, it will turn itself off for a requisite cooling-off period.


  1. High security and high capacity almost never exist together in the shredder world. While the 20330's Level 5 security is one of the highest on the market, it only has a sheet capacity of 5 pages at a time. If you are simply looking to comply with the FACTA regulations concerning the destruction of the confidential info of your customers and employees, you should probably be shopping for a Level 3 security machine such as the Dahle 20314.

  2. The 20330's feed opening width of 9.5 inches is perfect for legal and letter sized sheets, but if you are going to be shredding documents that are larger than that on a regular basis, you may want to look for a machine with a larger throat.

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