Dabur Uveda’s Ayurvedic Moisturizing Range

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The impurities clogged on your skin, makes the skin totally lifeless. And, it is the pollution which is to be blamed for this. The time keeps on running and so does the life. The fast life of this age accompanied by the tiresome stress makes you look older than your age. Your face gets full of wrinkles and pimples. The daily pollution and the other dust particles block the pores of your skin and make your skin dry and rough. Moreover, many people are fed up with their oily skin and the uneven skin tone. In other words, all this together, can be considered as the impurities present in the environment. And those impurities gets clooged to your skin leading to all the problems like spots, dark circles, dryness and roughness of the skin, uneven skin tone and many more. The time has come when Dabur Uveda’s Ayurvedic Moisturizing Range should be recognized.
Dabur has been serving the Indian’s from last 125 years. It is among the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company of India. Dabur has now once again prepared to serve the Indian’s with its new Product Ranges from Uveda. These are all completely herbal and natural products. These Product Ranges form

Dabur uveda consists of all those ingredients which have been known by every Indian household from ages. People from many centuries have been undoutedly trusting these ingredients. They just forgot its importance and usage due to their busy and fast moving life. One among those Product Ranges from Dabur Uveda is the Ayurvedic Moisturizing Range.
Dabur Uveda’s Ayurvedic Moisturizing Range is here to peel of all sorts of the impurities from your skin. The ingredients like Neemchal, Raktachandan, Javetri, Ghritkumari and many more helps you in replenishing the lost moisture of your skin. The Neemchal purifies your skin and makes your skin bright toned. The other Ayurvedic ingredients repair the damaged cells and brings back glow on your face.
The Dabur Uveda’s 2 in 1 Ayurvedic Moisturizerwith SPF 8 not only bring softness to your skin, but it also helps you to fight with the deadly rays of the sun. This certainly plays a paramount role in eliminating the spots and dark circles from your skin. The gentle massage on your face for at least twice a day will give you the best results. Rinse your face when finished with massaging, with fresh water. You will observe that the Dabur Uveda’s 2 in 1 Ayurvedic Moisturizer has once again added moiture to your face, thus making it fluid in its look.

The product does not carry any sort of adverse effect and has successfully been tested in the German Lab. The 2 in 1 Ayurvedic Moisturizer with SPF 8 by Dabur Uveda keeps you hyrdated for 24 hours. The difference can be felt within seven days of its regular use. Moreover, the fargrance of the Herbal, Natural and Ayurvedic ingredients in the Moisturizing Range of Dabur Uveda keeps you fresh, relaxed and energetic.

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