Cynthia’s story of makeover- from looking frumpy to fantastic

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When 45-year-old Cynthia Dyako of Mountain View, California, took a trip with her eight and four-year-old children, she looked up and smiled pleasantly at the woman seated across from her. All of a sudden, the stranger dropped a remark that stuck in Cynthia's mind.

You have such beautiful grandchildren, the woman said.

The innocent remark forced her to take a stock in her appearance. Childbirth had stretched Cynthia’s stomach muscles and left her with a lot of loose, hanging skin around the waist. Her diminutive frame carried almost 30 extra pounds, all of which was left over from pregnancy and childbirth.

Moreover, many late hours in her business created dark circles and bags under her eyes.

Like many women, I wanted to be the perfect mother and gave virtually all my time and attention to the children, Cynthia told us. I got to the point where I had put myself at the bottom of my priorities and even went around without makeup. In a word, I had become a frump.

If I lose respect for myself, my kids may also lose respect for me, Cynthia thought, Perhaps the children would have a better role model if they saw me as more outgoing and confident and not so frumpy.

Eventually, Cynthia decided her outward appearance should match the youthful, attractive person she felt to be deep down inside.

She started looking for options and found on the internet that India offered the same quality of services at much lower price what she would pay for the makeover in the US. The doctors in India are trained in the West, are American Board Certified Cosmetic surgeons, hospitals are JCI accredited, what more she could ask for! She immediately contacted Indicure and asked to arrange for the makeover with a vacation in Goa for the entire family while she recuperates.

She underwent a tummy tuck, (to tighten the abdominal wall,) eyelid surgery (to erase bags and wrinkled skin,) liposuction on her thighs, (to remove unwanted fat deposits,) a breast lift (to lift and reshape the breasts). Total downtime for recovery: eight days. Results? I stand up straighter, smile more and am in a better mood more often, says Cynthia. I look good after I get ready for work so the children see a more confident, outgoing mother with higher self-esteem.

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