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The ongoing communication revolution is not new to the marketers. The involvement of radio, television, and database marketing has added flavor into the transforming the take of marketing outcome to add better channels for all. Unlike other means of communications, digital means has better promises to increase the traffic for concerned products and help marketers to interact smoothly. People who embrace changes easily will likely to get reap most of the benefits. With the onset of digital communications, discount coupons online have been encouraged to an extent.

Web with extraordinary three qualities has managed to gained supremacy in the online marketplace. The ability to fragment audience’s attention, the low cost of digital communication, and Web as an instrumental medium for getting the things done at the right time. Taking the development of Web as a medium in levels, it is very clear that Web has something extraordinary to meet the marketer’s needs easily. First being the “Mass Media” – print, television, and radio where audiences were largely unknown to the targeted marketers. The next set of communication level includes, “Addressable Media” – telemarketing, direct mail, and e-mail communication where individuals can be targeted and catered to use a particular brand and identity. Now is the age of “Interactive Media” – this form of communication is accountable for getting instant customer feedback through personalized message. It helps the company or brand to cater customers as per their unique interests and needs. Interestingly, by doing so, both marketers and consumers, do not have to pay much. They can just find a common platform to get the information of their choice and give their feedback right away.

Furthermore, taking note of the unfolding of the massive popularity of digital revolution, two main possible scenarios can be taken in account. The popularity of use of digital television signals across the popular geographical locations and availability of personal computer at every home has made users to interact more by getting excellence customer services.

In addition, even marketers and advertising industry have seen a shift into the way they use to process and offer services. Till now, companies used to offer Web sponsored services such as internet services mix, search engine services, and web site hosting. However, now the concept is rapidly changing. Even established companies are adding Web advertising into their kitty to make an interesting combination to lure millions of customers worldwide.
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