Custom-made Pictures on Canvas make Perfect Birthday Gifts

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Everybody has friends that have distinctive physical characteristics or quirks of manner or dress. Maybe one wears Hawaiian shirts or another sports a Conon O'Brien hairdo, or maybe your own girlfriend has a pile of auburn curls or wears granny eyeglasses. When you stop to think about it, almost everybody you know has something that makes him or her unique.

Why not give those friends birthday gifts that celebrate their uniqueness?

You can, and very easily and inexpensively too. All you needs is an inexpensive digital camera and the services of an online pictures on canvas art gallery service. The best one around that offers the most original options for pictures on canvas is Paint Your Life, which you may already have heard of. You can use their quick and easy service to create pictures on canvas that will delight your friends and demonstrate your ability to come up with unique gifts.

All you have to do is start with a good digital photo of the friend whose birthday is coming up in the next few weeks. You may already have taken one not too long ago that could make a perfect picture on canvas. If not, find opportunities to take portrait-style photos that emphasize whatever characteristics you think makes him or her unique. Make the poses silly, make them moody, or make them outright hilarious; just be sure your photos don't ridicule or humiliate anybody.

Once you have a great digital photograph of your friend, decide on what artistic style you think suits your friend's personality. Paint Your Life offers pictures on canvas in the following styles:
Andy Warhol's colorful Pop Art compositions
Julian Opie's line drawing caricatures with the distinctive eye dots
Roy Lichtenstein's cartoon classics
Photographer Alberto Korda's iconic Che Guevera light and shadow portrait
Portrait as an "out of this world" alien as seen in the 3D movie Avatar
Graphic illustrations using special effects or combined images

There are enough choices to fire any imagination. Paint Your Life's editors will help you create the perfect image for your approval before printing your picture on canvas. Choose a size and a frame if you want one, and within a very short time the best birthday gift ever will be delivered to you or directly to your friend.

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