Customization – The Next Step in Simplifying Christmas

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Have you ever thought you bought THE Christmas tree? You know, the one that was "exactly" 10 feet tall, that would look perfect under your 12 foot ceilings, only to find out your measurements were a bit off, and your tree looks more like an "oompa loopa" tree under those tall ceilings, rather than the majestic fir you envisioned? What if you could order - to your exact specifications - the tree (color, height, shape) that would be the centerpiece of your room?

Your trip to the nearest live Christmas tree vendor was unforgettable. You dressed warmly amidst the cold winter scene, with a pocketful of pride that you'll have the most beautiful live tree this year. You picked your $250 tree, the tallest and most gigantic among the row. "So perfect in my well-decorated living room", you said.

But this morning when you walked across the hallway, you can't believe what you just see! Your majestic tree is now a "dead man standing" withered tree, sick and suffering the dreaded needle-drop disease! Was it a "right purchase"? No! Wasted time, money and effort? Yes!

Admit it! You don't have a PhD in Christmas tree selection yet. You now realize that the nostalgic scent of a Christmas pine is not enough; you need to know the exact shape and size, and spend the added time to make sure your purchase survives until Christmas day.

Be a prisoner of the past no more! Many things have changed and more people are making the smart move of buying an artificial Christmas trees . Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way with the passage of time. Now they are very different than those fake trees of yesteryear - they are reliable, realistic, stunning, practical and economical. And today there are so many different types of artificial Christmas trees you are assured to find the perfect tree for all your specifications.

If you are a down-home traditional individual, you can buy an artificial Christmas tree that emulates a real pine or spruce tree. Or, if you like something different, look at the wide selection of white Christmas tree or other colorful trees. If you visit the online shops of artificial trees, you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the excellent craftsmanship and kaleidoscope of colors and needle structures.

Karen Louis works on artificial christmas trees at the Balsam Hill - Christmas Tree Company. She recently helped design a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that comes ready to light up a room at the touch of a button.
What's the next thing to do? Obviously and sadly enough, you have to lay your dead tree in its final resting ground. It's not too late to simplify your Christmas celebration. Don't fret, but take this lesson by heart. Buy an artificial Christmas tree this year. Much to your expectations, an artificial Christmas tree will truly come alive, not just in your well-decorated living room, but in your heart.

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