Customer Complaints Against Satellite TV Service Providers

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Shifting from cable TV to satellite TV for having better entertainment experience? Then make sure you know all the terms and the complications involved in such processes. You may want to unleash digital entertainment but may end up spending a lot of your prized dollars in the process.

Leading satellite TV service providers claiming to provide the best services at the best price may not do so always. Initially they try to attract customers by introducing loads of offers and discounts on their packages. But once customers flock after being lured by the limited period discounts and offers, the company starts taking its real shape.

Most of the customers in the country who have switched to satellite TV services have come up with lots of complaints against their service providers. Most of these complaints are regarding pursue of illegal business practices and cheating customers through misleading advertising. Complaints have been lodged against Americaís leading satellite TV service providers such as DirecTV.

Unsatisfied customers stated that DIRECTV initially provided them several luring offers if they sign up for their services and sign a 2-year agreement. But within months, the customers were charged excess than that promised to them. Moreover, some customers were asked to pay for services they didnít opted for but still they were given access to these services without their proper consent.

The complaints are not limited to this. If the customers want to discontinue their services with the company within the tenure of the agreement, they are required to pay a penalty, commonly known as Early Termination charges, a clause about which the customers were not notified at the time of agreement signing. It is a hidden charge and is generally written in small fonts in the agreement. Customers generally do not read these things while going through their agreement and blindly sign them just by relying on the word of mouth of sales representatives. As a result they have to pay the price later and that may be as high as $700.

Customers of satellite TV providers like DIRECTV have also complaints against unauthorized deduction of money from their bank account or credit card account. When their customer service is called up, they state that this is due to payment towards other service charges. Needless to say customers were not notified about these charges at the beginning and were charged illegally without their consent.

Many customers also complained about agreement extension by DIRECTV without the proper consent of customers. Few users also claimed that when they asked the provider to upgrade their packages/services, their agreement was also extended without their knowledge.

The satellite TV giant DIRECTV offers free DVR receivers to customers free of charge only upon signing of the 24-month contract. But thereís a catch here. If the receiver starts malfunctioning after a few months or stops operating, itís the customers who have to face the harassment. Many DIRECTV customers suffered the same fate when they complained the malfunctioning of their receivers and requested the company to send their tech support staffs to repair their defective DVRs. Due to this the customers were asked to pay extra for repair of their receivers although they were serving their agreement period. This means the customer has to bear the entire liability of these FREE receivers even if they are not responsible for the malfunctioning of their systems.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels itís her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.

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