Custom Toll Free – Vanity Numbers-Part2

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As most companies know, being toll free provides great advantage for any company that decides to acquire one. Toll free numbers is one of the main marketing strategies for businesses and may also serve as the foremost core of the operations in a sales company. But nowadays, free phone calls are not enough to capture the attention of the masses. Sometimes, it’s all up to the company building image, the way of promoting a company and the marketing techniques used. Companies know they have to build a good image so that they not only build transactions but relationships with customers as well.

To begin making connections with customers, companies have to find ways to make their communication with clients easier. Phone numbers are usually very long and toll free numbers have area codes attached to the beginning. This is why vanity numbers have become rampant when it comes to marketing technique. In fact, all things vain are very popular nowadays, vanity plate numbers, vanity mobile numbers – anything that will tattoo a spot on any regular person’s mind at just the look or even thought of it.

Vanity numbers are specialized phone numbers, usually associated with the toll free system that has the digits arranged specifically to spell a word. This vanity system can also be found in many celebrity name plates in which the celebrity’s initials is arranged to become their license plate, that way everyone knows if the car is owned by the specific celebrity. In the same way, with a vanity number, people are able to distinguish the purpose of the company at first glance. Not only that, since the digits spell out a word or the company’s name, it is easier for customers and potential clients to remember the number without having to memorize it. Sure enough, people would likely remember a number like 1-800-EXERCISE than a set of digits randomly arranged.

As much as possible, companies should choose their vanity numbers to be as related to their products as much as possible to increase marketing and ease promotion techniques. Make sure the name isn’t too far from the business nor is it too random to doubt or be refused to register. Vanity numbers also help lessen the costs of advertising and marketing departments for companies and will aid in surveying which areas have strong public advertisements by the rate of incoming calls and which areas to focus on.

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