Custom Announcements for Inbound Callers

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When a customer calls your inbound service number, the way the call is answered plays an important role in determining what sort of an image is created in the mind of the customer. If there are inordinate delays and busy tones when a customer tries to reach you, it does not augur well for your business. On the other hand, imagine your customers being greeted by a professionally recorded custom announcement. This goes a long way in creating a positive impression about your company in the minds of the customers.

A custom announcement is nothing but a professionally recorded audio message that you can upload to your Numbertalk number via the call management facility. This message will be played to all inbound callers before the number starts ringing or gets to the destination as you have specified for the number. The custom message can say anything you want it to say.

The custom announcement feature can have a dramatic impact on how the company is perceived by your inbound calling customers. By choosing the words in the custom message carefully and getting it recorded by a professional, will help create an impression of respectability, trustworthiness and scale of operations.

A different custom announcement can be played at different times of the day and to different callers. By aligning different custom messages with the time routes, the message that the caller hears will change during different times of the day. If the message is aligned with caller routes, different caller numbers will be played different messages.

The custom announcement messages are typically in the .wav format. A .wav file is quite easy to record. All you need is a USB microphone and an Audio Editing Software program. There are many audio editing programs that are available on the internet and they are free to download as well. But if you are on the Performance Plan, you can use the call management system to record the message. Once the sound file or the custom announcement is created

in the .wav format it can be easily uploaded to the eConsole, to be played to inbound callers. It might be a good idea to get a custom message recorded professionally. There are many professional actors and voice over artists who record brilliant audio messages if they are given the script. Get in touch with Numbertalk learn more about how you can avail of professional recording services.

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