Current Affairs 2011: Economic and Corporate

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There have been a lot of things happening in 2011. The New Year has brought along many good things and many bad things, if somebody is enjoying victory over a hard earned achievement, somebody else is crying over the death of a loved one. These current affairs fill the newspaper everyday, one need to be updated in order to know about the growth or hampering in the economy or the business deals in the corporate world.
Economy current affairs:
The governor of Saudi has said that the recent regional turmoil has insulated the country’s economy and the central bank has seen no abnormal capital outflows.
Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said on Sunday he was willing to propose Dutch Central Bank President Nout Wellink as European Central Bank (ECB) president if Jean-Claude Trichet steps down end-October.
The earthquake and tsunami has let hell loose and shaken the world’s third largest economy by $250 billion of damage with its entire towns in the north- east coastal region wiped out, completely. If this was not enough, to add to the devastation, the radiation from the Fukushima plant is still spreading and the toll of the dead people is increasing.

One of the current affairs is that the oil prices are likely to grow higher due to the UN sanctioned aerial and naval attacks on Libyan air defense and ground forces.
Saudi Arabia’s Aramco is striking business deals with china, profiting the economy of both the countries; it plans to supply crude to an oil refinery in the southwest of china, where Beijing is building an oil and gas pipeline.

Corporate current affairs:
In the corporate world Japan’s major stock index was rebounded by 6 percent after the Nikkei 225 stock average lost more than 10 percent in the pervious trading system.
The stocks of US rose as the federal bank announced that it will allow the banks to restart bank dividend payments this year and group of seven made a plan to bring down the value of Japanese yen which had went rocket high during the post war era.
One of the major current affairs in the corporate world which has taken many people by surprise is the crude oil price rebounded sharply due to higher demands.

These current affairs of 2011 on corporate affairs world ad the economy of many countries will help one to understand the standing and status of the countries in the global rank system and help one learn from the mistakes of the other.

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