Culture of Iran

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Many of you have heard the name of a famous ancient culture, the culture of Persia and also named as the land of Aryans. The Iran is situated in central Eurasia and borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan on their eastern sides. And in the year 1939 the name has changed with Iran which was earlier Persia. Although the official name of Persia but in cultural terms the word Persia used in cultural contexts. Iran is a country of ancient cultures which involved pre-Islamic and the mother of dominating races.

In Persian histories we have seen that it was the one of the most intellectual and deep nourished culture of the world. It posses the great and fascinating history of Persia that covers up the Great War stories to the great literatures of the world. This culture Iran have gifted the best of paintings to the world and also posses the largest theater of middle East in its heart City Tehran. So here we are providing the different sides of cultural sides of Iran. There is one spatiality in Iranian Culture that although it is based in the barron land(desert), the basic lively hood was doing shepherd and selling dry fruits in that days but still they managed to create such big stories to tell to the new world. So we have something to share about the great the rich culture of India.

There are some sides which need to explore:-

Iranian Philosophy :-
we can get aware with the Iranian philosophy by studying the ancient traditions and rituals of Iran. In actual it is a mix of some great philosopher’s teaching. The Illumination School and the Transcendent Philosophy are regarded as two of the main philosophical traditions of that era in Persia. Important contributors to philosophy in Iran are Zoroaster, Jamasp, iranshahri, farabi, Avicenna , suhrawardi, nasir khusraw, biruni, Muhammad ibn zakaria a-Razi, Abu yaqub al-sijistani, Nasir al-Din Tusi, Qutb Al- Din Shirazi, Mir Damad, Mulla Sadra, Mir Fenderski, and Hadi Sabzevari.

Music of Iran :-

When we explore the cultures of Iran then exploring its musical side is become important. It is examined that music of Iran is closely related with the musical arenas of Middle East and also related to Indian sub-continent. The music of Iran posses the resemblance with Indian music traditions. Like that of most of the world’s cultures, the music of Persia has depended on oral/aural transmission and learning.

Iranian cinema :-
The Cinema of IRAN got the flourished stage in modern era. And in the broad prospects it covers the main stream directors and writers. a great writer named Poul Coalho has gained the recognition and love around the world. Some based directors from the great culture of Iran is Abbas Kiarostami, there is one more thing which needs to be shared is that the cinema if Iran is a mixture of private and state owned, and every thing needs to be approved by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance before being released to the the modern world the world wide web have become enormously popular among the Iranian youth. Iran is now the world's fourth largest country of bloggers.
So we can the Culture of IRAN is the most flourished and nourished culture of world.

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